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The company, founded in Wahlstedt in 1984, has been producing clothing and accessories from milled wool and merino wool under the Mufflon brand since 1998. With dedicated employees, we produce only pure wool products today.

First, woolen fabrics are knitted and then refined into high-quality boiled wool fabrics. After being cut and embroidered, the individual parts are sewn together in countless steps to create a garment that is special in every respect. Mufflon clothing is one of a few outdoor products that are produced entirely in Germany.

Almost 100% of the machines, yarn, material and workmanship comes from Germany and the EU. We have been training young people and securing long-term jobs - for over 30 years.

We want to continue doing this in the future.

Andrea and Frank Schürmeyer

environmentally friendly

The wool from Schoeller we use is Bluesign (R) certified and meets high standards. This certification guarantees the absence of harmful substances, as well as the highest quality and functionality. Bluesign (R) is a seal that applies the globally strict EHS criteria (consumer protection, water emissions, air emissions, occupational safety and health, resource productivity).

But not only the natural fiber makes a "Mufflon" an environmentally friendly product, the low maintenance requirement leads to low energy and water consumption over the entire service life.


Photovoltaikanlage auf einem Dach

Both the environmental compatibility of our products and the efficient use of energy and water in production are particularly important to us.

Since mid-2011, we have been generating a significant proportion of the electricity required with our own photovoltaic system on the company building.The plant was expanded again in 2017, approx. 70 percent of the electricity for the production processes is covered by solar power, the rest is purchased from renewable sources.


Woolen fabrics have the ability to absorb up to 30% of their own weight of gaseous moisture without feeling wet. They even quickly release excess moisture into the atmosphere.
Additionally, wool is a good insulator. Many gaps and spaces between fibers provide a comfortable micro-climate. Temperature and humidity are perfectly regulated between skin and garment.

Other than gaseous moisture, liquid water like raindrops won´t get into the fibers of the product. They stay on the fabrics' surface. This behavior is similar to the lotus effect and is supported by the wool´s own lanolin.

These characteristics make our products comfortable to wear, creating a pleasant microclimate between skin and clothing. Temperature and moisture are optimally regulated. Thus, wool offers a comfortable feeling in a wide range of ambient temperatures.

There is one outstanding safety aspect in wearing woolen gear. Wool is resistant to sparks and flames. No artificial fiber can compare to wool in safety matters when you light a campfire or BBQ.

Boiled wool - felted wool

The wool we use comes mainly from South America, South Africa and New Zealand. Garments of all kinds have been made from wool for thousands of years. In recent decades, attempts have been made to copy the properties of wool (and other natural fibers) with synthetic fibers. However, the fantastic properties of wool have not been realized to date.

One of the oldest processes for production of clothing fabrics is felting or milling wool - the fabric is also known as boiled wool. What is the secret of boiled wool? As a textile-finishing process, there is a desired and targeted felting of textile surfaces made of wool. The protruding scales get caught in one another during the process of boiling wool. The surface densifies and there is a shrinking process. This results in a very dense and firm fabric. The desired result is achieved with mechanical action under heat and moisture. Soap or chemicals can be used to speed up the process. Mufflon products are only drummed with biodegradable additives without the addition of chemicals.


Die Masche
Dr. Herm.-Lindrath Str. 15
23812 Wahlstedt


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