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woolen garments giving a natural
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useful accessories made
of boiled milled wool



Mufflon products for mid and outer layer

W300 - 100% pure wool

boiled wool, ca. 780g/m².
Sturdy and warm for spring, autumn and winter.
A strong piece of nature for your outdoor experience.

W100 - 100% pure merino wool

boiled wool, ca. 450g/m².
Super soft and pleasant on the skin.
Quality for the whole year and for use as mid layer.


Boiled wool - felted wool

The wool we use comes mainly from South America, South Africa and New Zealand. Garments of all kinds have been made from wool for thousands of years. In recent decades, attempts have been made to copy the properties of wool (and other natural fibers) with synthetic fibers. However, the fantastic properties of wool have not been realized to date.

One of the oldest processes for production of clothing fabrics is felting or milling wool - the fabric is also known as boiled wool. What is the secret of boiled wool? As a textile-finishing process, there is a desired and targeted felting of textile surfaces made of wool. The protruding scales get caught in one another during the process of boiling wool. The surface densifies and there is a shrinking process. This results in a very dense and firm fabric. The desired result is achieved with mechanical action under heat and moisture. Soap or chemicals can be used to speed up the process. Mufflon products are only drummed with biodegradable additives without the addition of chemicals.


gewalkte Wolle

Woolen fabrics have the ability to absorb up to 30% of their own weight of gaseous moisture without feeling wet. They even quickly release excess moisture into the atmosphere.
Additionally, wool is a good insulator. Many gaps and spaces between fibers provide a comfortable micro-climate. Temperature and humidity are perfectly regulated between skin and garment.

Other than gaseous moisture, liquid water like raindrops won´t get into the fibers of the product. They stay on the fabrics' surface. This behavior is similar to the lotus effect and is supported by the wool´s own lanolin.

These characteristics make our products comfortable to wear, creating a pleasant microclimate between skin and clothing. Temperature and moisture are optimally regulated. Thus, wool offers a comfortable feeling in a wide range of ambient temperatures.

There is one outstanding safety aspect in wearing woolen gear. Wool is resistant to sparks and flames. No artificial fiber can compare to wool in safety matters when you light a campfire or BBQ.


Dirt and smells remain on the fiber surface of the wool and do not impact the interior of the fiber. Usually, it is enough to air the jacket overnight - the next morning the smell is neutral again.

To keep the look and properties of your “Mufflon” long-lasting: less is more. Wash it rarely, separately, with little detergent and at a low temperature.

When washing, we generally recommend hand washing in cold to lukewarm water with a little color detergent. When washing with modern washing machines with a wool or hand-wash program, equivalent or even better results are often achieved, since the mechanical stress on the fabric surface is the same everywhere.
In any case, Mufflon products should be machine-washed individually.

After washing, the product can be spin-dried. Pull the product into shape while it is still moist, and dry it flat. Avoid drying in the sun, on a heater or in a dryer.

Chemical cleaning is not recommended for this high-quality natural product


No Mulesing

We only use mulesing-free wool. Practices such as mulesing are still widespread in conventional sheep farming. Skin folds are cut off around the animal's tail to prevent the fly larvae from nesting, usually without an anesthetic.
The technique is still used, especially in Australia.
The wool for Mufflon products comes mainly from South America, South Africa and New Zealand and is made exclusively from "mulesing-free" wool.